Hottest Swimwear Trends of 2019


Is it hot outside? Well, make it hotter with your sexiest bathing suit. With summer comes the pure happiness of beaches and ocean, of lazy time at the shore and romantic picnics. If you have been saving for your summer swimwear, let us help you find the absolute best one that is in style and on top of the fashion list.

Here are some great inspirations of the most stylish swimwear this summer.


Cutout Designs

Cut out designs are the sexiest way to show off your perfect tanned libs, you lean stomach, and your ultimate swag. Almost all brands have jumped the bandwagon of cutout swimwear, and there is no limit to the designs in the fashion industry. You will easily find your inspiration; remember to apply as much sunscreen as you can. The design mostly goes with one-piece swimwear, but many brands have innovatively used the cut for their two-pieces as well.

High Waist Design

Runways of 2019 have been truly inspired by the ’80s and the ’90s from puffed up sleeves to tie-dye, it’s all there. So much so, that even swimsuits have been inspired by these epic eras. High-waist was a very popular fashion statement in the ’80s and the ’90s. It has become popular again as well. With high waist bikini bottoms, you can get the illusion of longer legs. To give this retro style a contemporary look, brands have mixed them with floral prints, animal prints and knots designs.

Bows and Knots


Who said swimwear has to be boring and one style only. You can make yours as happening as you want with the latest bow and knots design. These add dimension to your swimwear, as well as they make the swimsuit adjust to any size, be it small or big.

Swimwear is a must essential of summer. Since it’s such a big fashion statement, why not have some fun and buy something different this year.

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